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Our efforts at One Spark 2015 were focused on raising funds for a permanent historical marker at Ft. Hatch. With tireless work by our members, we raised about $900 toward the purchase the marker. Built by the Union Army to defend the western gate to the walled city of Jacksonville, Ft. Hatch was important to the Union during their fourth and final occupation of the city. Our 2014 excavations and research documented the fort's location in what is now the La Villa section of town and this marker will be its memorial. It is a reminder to future generations of this important aspect in Jacksonville's history. 


Our effort to fund a
Ft. Hatch marker continues.

We need YOUR Support!


  • Thanks to all who helped tirelessly with our One Spark efforts this year. Thanks also go to all who donated to our project or joined our group. We had a good turnout of visitors to our booth and everyone made a difference. One Spark may have ended but our campaign to raise funds for the Ft. Hatch historic marker has not. Tax deductible contributions may be made to our effort on a continuing basis by using the Donate button.



Click here to read the November 10, 2014 final report on our Ft. Hatch findings

One Spark 2015

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