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San Jose Academy and Preparatory High School

Community Outreach

On April 17, 2018, George Burns spoke to an to 8th grade AP U.S. History class at San Jose Academy and Preparatory High School. The teacher, Mrs. Mallery Leddy, contacted us after seeing our display at a recent Jacksonville Art Walk. One of the goals of Cowford Archaeology is to educate the public about our local history. What better way than to begin with the education of our children? Mrs. Leddy's current module on the Civil War prompted the timing of the talk. George's talk centered on the Civil War in Jacksonville, specifically on our testing at Ft. Hatch, the recently dedicated historical marker and the Jacksonville Wall.  The students were receptive and inquisitive, wanting additional detail about the projects. Who knows - maybe a budding archaeologist was in the classroom. More pictures of George speaking to the class may be seen on our Facebook page.

Jacksonville Historical Society

On April 19, 2018, George Burns spoke to an enthusiastic Jacksonville Historical Society crowd at the old St. Andrews Church. The topic was the Jacksonville Wall Project. Most of the 60+ people in attendance were not aware that a wall once surrounded our city so were truly interested in the presentation. More Pictures and commentary may be found on the Cowford Archaeology Facebook page

Photo Credit: Jessica Leigh Walton

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